Storm Proof a Roof

Sunday, January 14th, 2018 by Best Choice Roofing

A menacing storm

Whether you own a home or a business, there’s one thing guarantee you can count on: Storms hate your roof. It’s nothing personal. That’s just how they are. They’re sort of the Archie Bunkers of the weather.

How storms will hit your place is hard to predict. Your roof may survive several terrible storms over the years, only to fall victim when you least expect it. Don’t be caught off-guard. Contact a licensed insured roofing professional who knows how to save you money and make you safe with a storm proof roof.

Storm-proofing a roof protects the structure all year. All seasons bring bad weather. The news often reports on extreme weather. Think about how your home or business would withstand a tornado or a major snow storm. In all honesty, nothing is one hundred percent guaranteed when it comes to safety, but storm-proofing definitely increases the integrity of the roof and thus the structure.

The essentials steps to storm-proofing a roof include:

  • lessening shingle uplift from high wind damage, and
  • help keep the roof on by installing hurricane clips.

Hurricane clips help keep the roof on during any high wind storm, not just hurricanes.

Other Issues

When damage occurs to the roof, it could lead to even more costs and more danger.

Other issues to consider include these scenarios:

  • The wiring in your home or business. If it’s exposed to water, this could lead to a fire. Storm damage to your roof might cause water leakage that hits wiring in the top of the house, causing a fire. Even worse, it might result in damage to the lower floors if the water is powerful enough.
  • Mold and mildew sometimes accumulate from storm damage. This cannot only ruin a house if not prevented or caught soon enough, but can also ruin a person’s health.
  • If you survive a particularly violent storm that hurts the roof, then you need to get rid of any debris by having a clean-up as soon possible. Waiting increases the chances of accidents like falling over debris or sliding in a pool of water.

Never assume your home or business is strong enough to get through any kind of storm. No guarantee exists when faced with a powerful element of nature, but certain steps may help lessen the effects. Protect your investments and loved ones by contacting a roofing professional.

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