4 Reasons You Should Add Roof Inspection to your Spring Cleaning List

Monday, April 22nd by Jessup Warnock

Spring is finally here, which means so is spring cleaning! Now is the time to clean out your garage, fix the dishwasher, and may even spruce up the yard. But, what about your roof? Spring is also the perfect time to get your roof inspected. Why you might ask? Well, these are our top 4 reasons you should get your roof inspected this spring:

Warmer Weather

With the sun shining and the warm weather drying everything up, spring is the perfect time for a roof inspection! The sun shining on your roof will help to dry it out and make it safe to walk on. Having a dry roof and gutters makes them easy to inspect for damage. New and old damage will be easy to spot on a dry roof.

Spot Damage

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With the sun shining on your roof you will have plenty of light to identify any potential issues. A Storm Damage Expert can easily identify water damage, cracks, hail damage, and any loose or missing shingles. Once these issues are identified you can get schedule any repairs before you are dealing with a leaky roof this summer.

Schedule Repairs or Install

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Spring is roofing season! Roofs can only be installed on a surface that is 40° F or warmer. This makes spring the ideal time to re-roof your home. There are ample warm and dry days where your roof can be installed without weather interference.

Winter Can Be Tough On your Roof

Between the wind, hail, snow, and ice winter can put a lot of pressure on your roof that you are not aware of. Adding a roof inspection to your spring cleaning list can help you avoid any issues later in the summer. The pressure of winter weather can cause holes, leaks, and more. It’s important to catch any damage ahead of time before it causes thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

Adding a roof inspection to your spring-cleaning list can save you thousands of dollars of damage down the road. If you think your home could use a springtime roof inspection, give Best Choice Roofing a call at 1-844-228-5001 today!

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