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Sunny Days Ahead – Time To Repair Your Roof

2018-04-02T18:29:21+00:00 By |Roof Damage, Roof Replacement|

Sunny Days Ahead - Time To Repair Your Roof The winter of 2018 was a pretty wet and cold winter which no doubt may have taken a toll on your roof.  Spring has sprung and mostly sunny days are ahead of us now, so in the words of John F. Kennedy who once said, “The

“How do I know if/when I need a new roof” – Top 5 Signs to Look For

2018-01-13T13:03:01+00:00 By |Roof Replacement|

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the outside elements. Making sure your roof is in top shape is key to protecting your home’s interior from damage. But, assessing when you may need a new roof can be challenging if you do not know what signs to look for. Expert roofing contractors

Consider This Before Picking a Roof Color

2018-01-14T12:28:28+00:00 By |Roof Replacement|

When it comes to choosing a new roof color or roofing material, you have dozens of options to select from. Changing your roof’s color can be an affordable way to give your home an instant facelift. But, before you pick a new roof color or change your roof style, it is important to analyze several

Need a Roofer? Look for These Five Things

2018-01-13T15:33:13+00:00 By |Roof Replacement|

Your roof is your family’s most important defense from the outside. Trusting your roof to just anyone can have disastrous consequences. If you’re looking for a roofer to complete an annual roof inspection or if you’re considering replacing your roof, the award-winning roofing specialists at Best Choice Roofing recommend looking for these five things. #1 – Licensed

7 Signs It’s Time for a Roof Replacement

2018-01-13T13:02:44+00:00 By |Popular, Roof Replacement|

Your home’s asphalt shingle roof is what protects it from the elements. As your roof ages, you will notice changes to the color and condition of your shingles. Certain changes, like black spots and the presence of mold may be not be anything that needs to be corrected right away, but other signs, like frequent

Timeline for Installing a New Roof

2018-01-14T14:23:55+00:00 By |Roof Replacement|

Repairing or replacing your roof is important to protecting your home and family, but these projects often come with some level of disruptions. Experienced residential roofing experts should be able to get in and work quickly to restore your home without completely rearranging your life. At Best Choice Roofing, getting things done right, the first

Do It Yourself Roof Repair

2018-01-14T12:29:57+00:00 By |Roof Replacement|

Roof repair requires expert knowledge and special equipment. It demands safety training. But we know people are still going to do it. That’s why we hear questions like, “How to repair roof damage?” or, “How to repair a leaking roof?” Safety First This may seem like common sense, but one standard of a good roof

Protecting Against Roofing Disasters and Cons

2018-01-13T15:34:58+00:00 By |Popular, Roof Replacement|

When a disaster happens, horrible people sometimes take advantage of the situation. A big target for these terrible people are homeowners in need of new roofs. They find their victims by targeting owners of homes damaged by: tornados violent thunderstorms heavy snow falling trees fires and more. When people are down and out on their luck, exhausted