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Common Summer Roof Damages

There are many acts of mother nature that are out of your control. They can occur at any given time and although you can prepare, sometimes damage just occurs. Summer is naturally the time of year when your home will experience the most dangerous and reoccurring weathering events, such as severe storms (outside of snowstorms if you live in areas like the Midwest or Northeast during winter months).

Here are some common summer roof damages to be aware of as a homeowner…

Breakdown of storm damage:

Severe storms produce strong winds, golf-sized hail, and bring down enormous debris such as trees and limbs. Any damage to your roof after a severe storm compromises the integrity of your roof leading to further damage of your home’s interior and personal belongings through water and moisture. Even mold and mildew. Yikes!

Powerful winds loosen, curl and even rip shingles off roofs. The major problem that results from this means exposed nailheads. This leads to water leaking inside your attic or home. Overtime, the damage can be significant. Not repairing just a mere section of your roof could lead to replacing your roof in its entirety. Consider what’s under your shingles and roof! You could face replacing drywall or even your furniture.

Hail is another force that drastically impacts your roof compromising shingles. Your shingles experience granule loss meaning less protection against UV rays, leading to a higher risk of premature failure. And cracked or broken shingles mean water – again – being exposed to nailheads and water/moisture entering your home.

Debris is also a consideration. Be sure your home doesn’t have any overhanging limbs that could potentially break off and land on your home during a storm. Prior to a severe storm, also consider the surroundings of your home and what could “potentially” inflict damage. Like light patio furniture or table umbrella’s being uplifted.

Heat blistering

Heat blistering is when water gets trapped between shingle layers (there are three. The moisture expands the shingle until it can release or pop. It is caused by overheating and poor ventilation in the roof. It is one of the most common summer roof damages in areas of the country where extreme heat and sun exposure are prevalent.

If your roof has heat blistering in multiple areas, your HOME is compromised.

Manufacturing defaults in materials is another consideration. Homeowners need to know that the damage to defaulted shingles means more damage. Hot days trap moisture and expands wrestling blisters. And this can occur more frequently when/ if your attic is poorly ventilated.


There are many types of roof damages that occur in the summer. It is up to you to be aware of potential hazards and protect your home. Wind, hail, and debris from severe storms, heat blistering, and even human-caused events. That’s right! Human-caused (View our Fireworks blog!). Are typical damages you can expect over the summer.

Protect your home and roof and have one of our storm damage experts give you a status update on your roof, FREE!

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