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Chimney damage impacts your roof and home

If the structural integrity of your chimney is in question, or you face creosote buildup, damage to your chimney could drastically affect your wallet, or worse, the safety of your home and family. The types of damage your chimney could face are (excluding wear and tear and old age) moisture, defects in materials, and sudden events like severe weather damage in the summer.

Just as it’s important to remain informed on the wellbeing of your roof, same goes for your chimney. You should have a professional check your roof. So, you don’t face larger issues (which it can and often does). However, just because a chimney is 30 years old, doesn’t mean you’ll get a free replacement.

Moisture damage

In almost every instance, moisture from weather events like severe storms or melting snow causes damage to your chimney. Heck, you might even have a damaged chimney from dampness and poor ventilation in your home (rare, but even a broken pipe from plumbing). The damage will cause mortar deterioration, popping, and create cracks in the cement (spalling). This will drastically affect structural integrity. And you can expect rusting to occur with metal materials.

Defaults in materials

Just like any product you buy, there can be deficiencies. Shingles, pipe boots, and even tarping’s can have defaults. Prefabricated chimneys are no different. You as a homeowner need to be aware of the manufacturer’s shortcomings, or have a professional take a peak to assess the condition.

Sudden events

Mother nature never takes a day off. Your home will experience storms whether you like it or not. Your chimney can be damaged by debris (like tree limbs), extreme wind, lighting strikes, hail, rain, and even earthquakes in different parts of the country. Severe impacts could cause bricks to break off and damage shingles, gutters, and surrounding areas.

Chimney fires

Perhaps the most dangerous damage you should understand with chimneys is creosote. It is the build-up of flammable materials from old fires. It is made up of several organic compounds that align any area of the chimney. Over several years of buildup, and depending on the amount, chimney’s and even surrounding areas of the home catch fire.

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