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home maintenance tips for spring

Six Tips for Preparing Your Home For Spring

6 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Spring

Who’s ready for spring? You care enough about your own health to schedule a regular check-up with your doctor. You take your car into the shop for a tune-up and an oil change. But do you also perform seasonal maintenance on your home?

If not, you should start preparing your home for spring ASAP because your home is probably your most valuable asset. Spring home maintenance is about a lot more than simple spring cleaning. This season, treat your home the same way you treat your body and your vehicle by performing these routine spring home check-ups and handling any necessary maintenance.

Take a Look at Your Concrete

The freezing and thawing cycles of winter can do some serious damage to your concrete and other hardscape elements. Walk around your property and look closely for any cracks in your walkways, driveway, your pool, and your foundation. Invest in some concrete fillers or even silicone caulk as a temporary fix for these issues.

Inspect Your Deck

Decks are used to taking a beating from the elements all year long. This spring, inspect your deck carefully for warping, discoloration, stains, as well as any broken, loose, or rotting wood. Replace problem boards as soon as you can and consider power washing and resealing it if the situation calls for it.

Test Your Outside Faucets

An oft-forgotten aspect of most home exteriors is the outdoor faucet. Many homeowners forget they exist until it’s time to use a water hose, and they suffer as a result of such negligence. Outside faucets can break down just like any other part of your home, so test them out as soon as the temperatures rise to ensure they’ll be in great shape throughout the spring months.

Check Your Windows

Even if they just need a wash, it’s important to inspect your windows every spring to ensure your home’s continued good health. Clean the seals and replace any aged or damaged screens, and be sure to check for rotting or cracks in the flashing or the wood around your windows. Even if the wood is only slightly discolored, it can still indicate a moisture or mold problem that should be dealt with quickly.

Ensure Your HVAC System is Running Smoothly

Even if your region has pleasant and cool spring weather, you’ll want to make sure your heating and cooling system is up for the challenges it’ll face later this year. Clean out any debris around your HVAC unit, replace any clogged filters, and consider scheduling a professional HVAC maintenance service to be sure.

Have a Spring Roof Inspection Performed

There’s no need to climb up onto your roof yourself for this one – you can simply grab a pair of binoculars and walk around the exterior of your home. Look for damage to shingles, loose or cracked gutters, and identify any debris that needs to be removed.

Your roof acts as a literal shield against the elements, so while you’re preparing your home for the spring weather, consider calling a professional roof inspector to provide you with some important peace of mind. As long as you care for your roof, it’ll continue to keep you safe and comfortable year-round.

This spring, keep your whole home in the best possible shape. Call 855-460-1235 to speak with a roof inspection expert at Best Choice Roofing or fill out our online contact form today.

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