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How to Celebrate National Roofing Week 2022

As professional roofers, we see that roofing systems often go under-appreciated as key features of every home. We understand that many homeowners rarely think about the roofs over their heads until there’s a leak or damage – then, they quickly reach out to the experts.

Our ultimate goal is to keep homeowners more informed and aware of the importance of maintaining and appreciating their roofs. That way, they can save time and money by avoiding potential issues and keeping their families safe and secure year-round.

That’s why the team at Best Choice Roofing is excited to take part in the festivities of National Roofing Week during the week of June 4 – 10!

What is National Roofing Week?

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) holds National Roofing Week each year as a way to reinforce the importance of roofs as the first line of defense against the elements. The event also encourages homeowners to engage with professional roofers in their areas to help them make the most informed decisions about their homes’ roofing systems.

Roofing companies take part in National Roofing Week as a way to go above and beyond for their local communities. Many roofers donate to charity groups, provide time and labor for community service, and share their knowledge and experience with homeowners throughout the country. Every year, Roofing Week enables roofing professionals to inform the public about the essential role roofs play in our homes and communities. Additionally, contractors can take the well-earned time to demonstrate their bona fides and share information about their accomplishments.

Plus, the team at Best Choice Roofing loves taking the opportunity to celebrate the hard work of our team members. Each member of the BCR team does a phenomenal job of applying their expertise to help homeowners across the country with their roofing systems. Acknowledging this incredible service is just one part of what makes National Roofing Week special to us and the roofing industry as a whole.

Taking Part in National Roofing Week

Whether you’re a homeowner, a roofing contractor, a business owner, or simply someone who cares about the roofing industry, you can take part in this year’s National Roofing Week. From June 4 – 10, you can engage with your local community and share information, reach out to homeowners and roofing companies, and learn more about what the industry does to keep roofing systems sturdy nationwide.

The NRCA plans to host the new 15 Seconds of Fame Raffle, in which companies can submit a 15-second video about their teams for the chance to win a prize. NRCA will also share stories about its many member companies through social media and Professional Roofing magazine.

BCR intends to share our stories of community outreach, how much we appreciate our crew and staff, and how we’ve given to charitable organizations around the United States. We can’t wait to help make this year’s National Roofing Week more exciting than ever.

Looking for more information about National Roofing Week? Head over to  to learn more.

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