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Premier Roof Replacement for Jacksonville, FL Homeowners

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Residential Roof Replacement Services in Jacksonville, Florida

A high-quality roof replacement is designed to prevent leaks, insulate your home, and help you better control heating and cooling bills. Even the best quality roof will need to be replaced at some point. The exact life expectancy of your roof heavily depends on the weather in your area. Jacksonville has fairly hot and humid summers that could accelerate normal roof wear and tear. And, with severe storms all year round, damaged roofs are a common issue for Jacksonville homeowners. Roof repair may be an affordable option if you have one or two damaged shingles. Larger issues will require a complete roof replacement. If you think you need to have your roof replaced, contact Best Choice Roofing to schedule a free Jacksonville roof damage inspection.

Roof Replacement – When to do it in Jacksonville?

It is important to remember that the longer you wait to replace your roof, the more likely it is that you will have to deal with leaks and other, more significant roofing problems.

In general, a one-time roof repair is less expensive than roof replacement, but if you find yourself constantly repairing your roof, then those costs can add up quickly. Repairing your roof is not always the right option. The greater the extent of the damage, the faster you will need your roof replaced.

Roof Replacement Service You Can Afford

Getting a new roof can be much more affordable than you may think. If your roof was damaged as a result of a storm, you could get your roof replaced without having to pay for it out of your pocket. The experienced roofing specialists at Best Choice Roofing know how to properly document roofing damage to help you maximize your roofing claim with your homeowners insurance. Don’t schedule your roof replacement until you talk to your insurance agent or a representative from your insurance company. With claims managers on staff to answer your questions, we have you covered and can get your roof replaced in no time.

Common Summer Roofing Issues

Jacksonville has an average temperature of 85 F in July. The city also gets over 300+ hours of direct and intense sunshine during the summer months. With this combination, your roof takes a beating to keep your house protected. Most roof damage occurs when the humidity level is consistently high. This is because the surrounding air around your roof is cooler and condensation begins to form, increasing the moisture level of your roofing materials. Constant moisture can quickly damage shingles and cause the wood of your roof system to rot, increasing the risk of serious leaks.

If you have asphalt shingles, direct sun exposure can lead to the granules in your roof’s shingles to disintegrate, making it harder for your roof to protect your home.

Best Choice Roofing – The Experienced Residential Roofing Team

Roof damage does not go away on its own and often gets worse very quickly. If your roof is old or has sustained significant damage, now is the time to call in a roofing specialist. The residential roofing contractors at Best Choice Roofing have the experience needed to thoroughly inspect your roof and let you know the best way to prevent additional damage. Call us at 1-888-272-4011 to schedule your free Jacksonville roof damage inspection.

Premier Roof Replacement for Jacksonville, FL HomeownersPremier Roof Replacement for Jacksonville, FL HomeownersPremier Roof Replacement for Jacksonville, FL HomeownersPremier Roof Replacement for Jacksonville, FL HomeownersPremier Roof Replacement for Jacksonville, FL Homeowners

Premier Roof Replacement for Jacksonville, FL Homeowners
Premier Roof Replacement for Jacksonville, FL Homeowners