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Roof Replacement Services in Louisville, Kentucky

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Roof Replacement Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Whether you just moved into your home or have lived there for more than a decade, a new roof is one of the most important investments you can make. Your roof prevents moisture from entering your home, seals out hot air in the summer, and prevents the house from getting too cold in the winter. If your roof recently sustained damage during a storm, contact the residential roofing contractors at Best Choice Roofing to discuss your options. The longer you wait to buy a roof replacement, the greater the risk of leaks and other types of damage.

Roof Repair Options in Louisville

In most cases, roof repair options are limited after a storm. Heavy winds often tear shingles right off the roof, leaving the underlayment exposed. Large pieces of hail can dent shingles and reduce their ability to guard your home against the elements. Heavy rain can also damage your roofing materials, increasing the risk that rain and snow will get inside your home at the worst possible time. Extensive roof damage indicates a need for a complete roof replacement, not roof repair that will last a few months at best.

Damage Related to Warm Weather

Louisville has an average temperature of nearly 90 degrees in the months of July and August. These temperatures are ideal for visiting your local waterpark, but they are dangerous for your roof. Over time, exposure to excessive heat causes shingles to crack, leaving your roofing underlayment vulnerable to moisture. Heat also causes shingles to curl, reducing their ability to protect the underlayment from rain and snow. If you don’t have adequate ventilation in your attic, another problem can arise during the summer. When hot air builds up in a poorly ventilated attic, the extra heat can warp asphalt shingles.

Cold Weather Roofing Damage

With an average temperature of 43 F in January, Louisville doesn’t have the harsh winters of Boston or New York, but there are still some weather-related issues you need to know about. If your gutters are blocked, the water on your roof freezes when the temperatures drop at night. When the ice melts, it can travel under your roofing materials, causing leaks. Although Louisville usually gets just a few inches of snow in January and February, it is possible for snow to accumulate on your roof. Too much snow can damage your shingles or cause buckling.

Cost of Roof Replacement

The cost of roof replacement in Louisville is more affordable than you might think. If you notice roof damage after a storm, your insurance company may even be willing to pay for the cost of a new roof. Before paying for a roof replacement, talk with your insurance agent to see if your current policy covers the damage. Many of our clients use insurance money to pay for their new roofs, limiting out-of-pocket expenses.

Louisville Residential Roofing Contractors

At Best Choice Roofing, our residential roofing contractors have years of experience conducting inspections and installing replacement roofs. Because we hire some of the best contractors in the industry, you can rest easy knowing you have an experienced professional working on your home. If you have roof damage, call us at (888) 272-4011 to schedule your complimentary Louisville roof damage inspection.

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Roof Replacement Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Roof Replacement Services in Louisville, KentuckyRoof Replacement Services in Louisville, KentuckyRoof Replacement Services in Louisville, KentuckyRoof Replacement Services in Louisville, KentuckyRoof Replacement Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Roof Replacement Services in Louisville, Kentucky
Roof Replacement Services in Louisville, Kentucky