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Roof Replacement and Repair Contractor in Bowling Green, KY

When your roof is damaged you need immediate care to prevent the problem from getting worse. Waiting to have something as simple as loosened shingles repaired can quickly become a problem as the loosened shingles lead to more serious problems like leaks. That’s why you need a contractor you can trust who can take care of the repairs you need both quickly and effectively.

Best Choice Roofing is just the contractor that you need. Our team specializes in roof replacement and repair. You can count on us to be on the scene shortly after you call and we can thoroughly inspect your roof to determine the exact the nature of the problem. We’ll then work with you to choose the best solution for your needs and budget, whether that be a simple repair or a full replacement.

We’re proud to provide excellent roof replacement and repair services to Bowling Green, KY and you can contact us today online or by calling 1-844-228-5001 to schedule your free estimate!

Siding and Gutter Contractor in Bowling Green, KY

While your roof might be an incredibly important part of your home, it is not the only part of your exterior that protects you from the elements. Your siding and gutters also play a vital role in protecting vulnerable building materials from water damage and redirecting water away from your foundation.

That’s why we also provide a wide range of other quality exterior remodeling services including siding replacement, gutter installation, and gutter guards. If your siding or gutters are damaged then we can provide the beautiful and durable replacements that you need. Click below to schedule your free estimate today!

Recent job requests for in Bowling Green, KY:

Project Location: Normalview Dr., Bowling Green, 42101

Comment: Roof is leaking between master bedroom door and bathroom

Project Location: Chipley Ct, Bowling Green, 42103

Comment: The corner soffit is bent inward and birds are roosting inside. It is a huge problem.

Project Location: Willow Bend Ct, Bowling Green, 42104

Comment: I need a quote for gutter replacement on my house.

Project Location: Red Maple St, Bowling Green, 42101

Comment: Needing new gutters on the front porch portion of my home

Project Location: Utah Drive, Bowling Green, 42104

Comment: Looking to get new roof.

Project Location: Apache Drive, Bowling Green, 42104


Project Location: Mount Everest Court, Bowling Green, 42104

Comment: Would like to have a roof inspection. We have not had any issues but worried there maybe damage from the hail storm.

Project Location: UPPER STONE AVE, Bowling Green, 42101

Comment: We have a gutter that a tree fell on and bent, I would like to get an estimate on what it would be to fix it, and have my gutters cleaned.

Project Location: Monarchos Ln, Bowling Green, 42104

Comment: A lot of roofs in our neighborhood have been getting replaced stemming from hail damage. I wanted to get ours checked as well.

Project Location: Butterwood Way, Bowling Green, 42101

Comment: Have recent storm damage, several shingles are gone. Not sure how severe it is, would love to schedule a time for an assessment/estimate.

Project Location: Peach Blossom Lane, Bowling Green, 42103

Comment: Hello, I was looking for an estimate on a new roof and gutters. Thank You

Project Location: Murphy Rd, Bowling Green, 42101

Comment: Hail damage to roof and gutters. Already filed a claim and ready to price out the job. Complete removal of shingles and gutters and all new roof vents.

Project Location: Sunnyside Gotts Rd, Bowling Green, 42101

Comment: Multiple leaks, needing a quote

Project Location: Wyndham Way, Bowling Green, 42104

Comment: I would like to get a quote for a metal roof. There's also a chance that I have damage from a storm in which case I would use insurance to pay for at least some of it. It's currently shingles, but I definitely want metal for the new one.

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