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Mr. Wayne Holloway, Founder of Best Choice Roofing (“BCR”) in 2009, is a leading expert in the roofing industry. Under his leadership in the last 12+ years, Best Choice Roofing and its team of experts have been able to generate and successfully complete over 60,000 roofing projects. Wayne has led the company’s expansion into more than three dozen successful branches in over a dozen states making it one of the largest roofing companies in the United States.

“Even the smallest amount of damage causes leaks.”

Get a free professional roofing inspection by one of our storm damage experts. Within 10-20 minutes we will document everything we see and provide you with a thorough consultation explaining everything we found. If you don’t have any damage, PERFECT! Now you can rest easy.

Through a free inspection, we can let you know right now if you have roof damage.

In his own words:

Mr. Holloway is extremely proud of the close-nit family culture and attributes the company’s continued success and high level of services to the loyalty and teamwork of Best Choice’s employees.

I’m passionate about the industry, our valued customers and our talented staff. Each day is spent focusing on providing the best experience to our customers as well as providing the staff a fun and fast paced work environment that rewards hard work. Even though Best Choice Roofing is a roofing company, we are truly a people company. The happier our employees are, the better the experience is for our customers.

Investing in employees does not just mean proper training. Best Choice prides itself in mentoring programs which start at entry level positions within the company.

Every single person in our company is a leader. It’s not about how long someone has been with BCR. Every single person has value, and every single person can teach. Those in our company that are responsible for others, we inspire them to not manage, but lead. Encouragement is something we stride to instill everyday with everyone. By doing so, more is accomplished, things are completed successfully, and almost always beyond expectation.

For over twelve years, Best Choice Roofing prides itself in developing high-volume producers, successful managers, and business owners. Promotion within and creating incentive opportunities encourages those to truly invest in the BCR process and company culture, says Mr. Holloway.

It is in my opinion that we never, ever, stop innovating. Whether that is investigating newer and better products for our customers or improving our own process as roofers. I have the same opinion in training. We as experts in our field can NOT stop learning. There is always something new to gain. If not, we begin to make errors, our expertise is no longer legitimate. This is something BCR will never let happen. Regardless of seniority or company position, I ask everyone to learn and mentor others.

Mr. Holloway’s standard and stamp of excellence means this:

We are one of the highest rated roofing companies. We earn numerous awards every year, such as completing the highest volume of projects and being recognized for quality assurance. And our vast expansion as a company never stops. But what does this mean to our communities?

We do the best work, the most jobs, and are on track to serve every corner of the United States. And we have affiliations with companies, like Owens Corning, to back our customer service. That is priceless!

Mr. Holloway always says:

If you experience a recent storm, schedule an appointment with us. Damage that occurs may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy! If you fail to report damage now, your insurance company may not cover it later because of negligence. This could cost you more than $10,000 out of pocket.

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