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Mr. Wayne Holloway
CEO and Founder

Mr. Wayne Holloway, Founder of Best Choice Roofing (“BCR”) in 2009, is a leading expert in the roofing industry. Under his leadership in the last 12+ years, Best Choice Roofing and its team of experts have been able to generate and successfully complete over 60,000 roofing projects. Wayne has led the company’s expansion into more than three dozen successful branches in over a dozen states making it one of the largest roofing companies in the United States.

“Even the smallest amount of damage causes leaks.”

Get a free professional roofing inspection by one of our storm damage experts. Within 10-20 minutes we will document everything we see and provide you with a thorough consultation explaining everything we found. If you don’t have any damage, PERFECT! Now you can rest easy.

Through a free inspection, we can let you know right now if you have roof damage”