Go Green with a Green Roof

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you may want to join millions of other homeowners and consider growing a green roof. Having a green roof can be a win-win for you and the environment. Green roofs have been a staple for European homeowners, but they are quickly becoming popular in the United States. In fact, a recent study by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities found that green roof installations have increased by over 115%! Continue reading “Go Green with a Green Roof”

Roof Designs – What to Consider

Your roof design is important. It can often shape the aesthetics of your home’s architectural design and affect your overall roof’s functioning. Whether you’re building a new home or retrofitting an existing one, the roof selection you make will serve to represent your home and keep your home safe from water damage. Let’s review two popular roof designs and the pros and cons of each. Continue reading “Roof Designs – What to Consider”

Top 3 Considerations When Getting a Cool Roof

Cool roofs have been growing in popularity over the past decade. As homeowners are looking for innovative and environmentally-friendly ways to protect their home, cool roofs serve a unique dual purpose. They are designed to keep the home cooler, reducing the cost of utility bills and, in turn, provide an added benefit to the environment. But, what should you consider if you’re in the market for a cool roof? At Best Choice Roofing, we recommend you think about these top three things when determining if a cool roof is the best option for your home. Continue reading “Top 3 Considerations When Getting a Cool Roof”

Copper Roof – The Pros and Cons

Metal roofs can give your home a sleek and almost futuristic appeal. But, are all metal roofs made equal? Of, course not. In fact, when considering a metal roof, many homeowners are turning to copper as their metal of choice. Going from a traditional asphalt roof to a metal roof can be a large upgrade and take some getting use to. So, before you consider installing a new copper roof, review these important pros and cons. Continue reading “Copper Roof – The Pros and Cons”

Roofing Inspections – What Should I Expect?

If you suspect that your roof is damaged, either from natural wear and tear over several decades or has sustained damage after a storm – schedule, a free roof inspection before you begin work. Most professional and licensed roofing contractors will provide a complimentary roof inspection at no cost and with no obligation to use them to complete the work. Keep in mind that they are there to evaluate the extent of the damage, determine how they would fix the issue, and provide you with an estimate of the cost. Continue reading “Roofing Inspections – What Should I Expect?”