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Shingles damaged by wind or hail storms can allow moisture to enter your home, elevating the risk for further damage, including mold and/or mildew. Once you think you have damage, it is recommended to call a professional right away. If you call us, we’ll promptly come out, perform a comprehensive property and roof evaluation, provide temporary repairs if needed and go over all of your options.

Free Inspection in Our Service Areas

It all starts with a free inspection by one of our experienced Storm Damage Experts. When you schedule an inspection, a roof Storm Damage Expert will come to your house as soon as possible, preventing delays that can lead to additional roof damage. If you need a new roof, we’ll review all of your options and move forward with your roof replacement project.

Easy Installation Process

Once you are ready for us to install your replacement roof, we’ll make an appointment to start the process. There are a few things you should do before one of our roofing contractors comes to your home.

  • Let us know if you have a septic tank or sprinkler system on your property.
  • Remove patio furniture, gas grills, and other items from your deck and patio.
  • Our roofing team needs a place to park, so please move your cars before they arrive.
  • verify the proper materials were delivered. Don’t worry, we will catch it, we just want our customers involved in the process too!
  • Contact us if you have any questions or need to make changes to your contract.

If it rains on the day of your installation, we may have to reschedule your appointment. Because we install as many as 60 replacement roofs per week, it may not be possible to reschedule your appointment for a few days. If this happens, don’t worry. We’ll replace your roof as soon as possible.

Shingle Options

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Roof Storm Damage Experts

Your roof is designed to weather the elements, but violent storms can wreak havoc on even the newest of roofs. You can stay aware of any damage by inspecting your roof after severe storms. It is also good practice to have a licensed roofing specialist conduct an annual roof inspection to identify and fix roof damage before it grows into a larger and more catastrophic issue. If you have not had your roof inspected in the past three years, give the roofing experts at Best Choice Roofing a call today to schedule a complimentary roof analysis.

Wind Damage

Strong winds often cause roofing shingles to detach and blow off the roof deck. When this happens, your roof is at risk as missing shingles can introduce leaks into your attic and cause other damage to your home’s interior. Some wind damage is not easy to spot; this is true if the adhesive and waterproofing seal is damaged. Your roof may look undamaged from the outside, but eventually, could lead to interior damage.

When selecting new shingles, be sure to consider the manufacturer’s wind warranty associated with their brand of shingles. If shingle damage exceeds what the manufacturer will cover, you may want to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance.

Here are some important wind damage signs to look for:

  • Damaged or missing shingles.
  • Narrow lines are running horizontally approximately 1-2 inches below the shingle above.
  • Flapping or moving shingles when the wind blows.
  • New gaps or spacing between shingles that were not there before.

Hail Damage

Hail does not occur often, but it can leave behind significant property damage. When hail hits your roof, it creates indentations that may be hard to see from the ground but make your shingles more vulnerable to allowing water into your home. After any major hail event, consult with a reputable roofing contractor to examine the scope of the hail damage. If your property needs major repairs, you will need to file an insurance claim detailing how the damage occurred and the estimated cost to repair your roof. Best Choice Roofing specializes in identifying storm-related roof damage and has experience partnering with homeowners to make sure roof damage is well-documented for insurance purposes and expertly repaired. The weather and where you live play a key role in home insurance rates.

If you see any of these damage signs after a hailstorm, then contact Best Choice Roofing immediately for a free roof consultation.

Potential signs of hail damage:

  • Noticeable dents in your roof or other objects such as cars, fences, gutters, garage doors, window screens, etc.
  • Broken or oddly shaped grooves on the shingles.
  • An extensive collection of granules near the end of your downspout.
  • Missing granules on your shingles, in a round formation and sporatically spread.

Total Protection Roofing System®

Shingles may be your roof’s first line of defense to keep water and other items out of your home. However, for your roof to provide 100% protection, you need a multi-layered system of roofing components to protect your home from all of the elements. The Total Protection Roofing System® provides a triple layer of coverage to:


Makes your roof into a reliable, waterproof barrier

With the seal features, your roof will block water from entering your home from ice damming, rainstorms, or other water-related events. Having a roof that is properly sealed is the best way to prevent rot and mold from causing costly damage to your home.


Protects your roof from weather-related damage, all year round

With a rugged yet visually appealing layer and industrial adhesion, your roof will be able to withstand blow offs, carrying water away from the roof deck and your home. This design provides an added layer of protection for more exposed areas like eaves and peaks.


Equips your attic with balanced ventilation

A buildup of moisture or high heat can lead to ice damming, mold growth and contribute to general roof decay. Air circulation is an efficient way to manage moisture and control temperature levels that may cause irreversible roof damage and destruction to your home’s interior.

SureNail Technology®

A good shingle can provide adequate protection, but may fall short from keeping your home free from water seepage and mold growth. But, a great shingle is a reliable waterproof barrier, giving you the peace of mind to know your house is protected.One example is the patented SureNail Technology® is revolutionizing the nailing line and separating a good shingle from a great shingle. With its breakthrough design and unique fabric strip, your shingles will now be stronger and more durable. For outstanding security, powerful grip, and higher wind resistance SureNail Technology® is built into the entire Duration® Series shingle product line, giving your shingles a triple layer of protection.

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